Road side assistance

United States
December 9, 2006 2:19pm CST
Why would anyone go without roadside assistance? I was just talking to a friend as sh waited for her roadside assistance to come help her get her keys out of her now locked car. What would she have done if she didn't have some form of roadside assistance? With today's technology, there is just so much room for something to go wrong with your car, and what do you do if you have no one to call? I broke down once on the side of the turnpike. My wheel well had fallen onto my tire. I just called AAA and they had someone out there helping me get back on the road. Ya, he just duck taped the wheel well back onto the car, something i probably could have done myself, but i had no idea what a wheel well even was, I don't even know if that's how you spell it! I knew absolutely nothing about cars, and I didn't know anyone within two hours of me where I broke down. I would have been completely stranded if I didn't have roadside assistance. Being stranded is not something I'm too comfortable with when its starting to get dark. Maybe it's me just being a damsel, but why would anyone drive without some form of roadside assistance? ok now if you are s mechanic, and carry all the part to a car in your trunk, then i understand, but I know so many people that wouldn't know the first thing about a car, and they still drive with no roadside assistance. Now my little brain cannot comprehend why they would do this, but that might just be me being close minded, so please someone explain.
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@chrisie (207)
• United States
9 Dec 06
Oh man. I think as a female, its definitely important for me because I have NO clue what I would do without it. Not to say that females don't know how to fix things mechanically... but personally, I'd be lost without AAA! I just got locked out of my car the other day, and thank heavens that I have my membership.. because they saved me for sure!