Does anyone else here work in real estate? I have had my sales license since

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December 9, 2006 5:32pm CST
1998. My mom has also been in the business over 23 years.
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@msqtech (15075)
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14 Dec 06
I had mine but it cost to much to work parttime so I didnt follow it up I wish now I could do it I am thinking in retirement of managing property
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19 Dec 06
I've gotten out of the business before... but I always do the continuing education every two years. It was too hard to get the license, I don't ever plan to let it lapse.
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26 Dec 07
I got my license in August of this year. It's an expense hobby for sure. I have had one closing in November and 2 more set for January. Between the monthly fees, board fees, etc it's hard to keep up with. I am hoping to really get going and find my niche before we go bankrupt :)
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11 Aug 07
I have had mine in NJ for since last year. It is very expensive job to keep up with with all the fees you incur. My first year in business I didn't sell anything so I didn't earn any money but was in debt for license fees, board of realtor fees, insurance, school, etc. for over $5000! I've earned money this year so I've made it back plus some but those fees (except for school unless you take continuing education classes) are yearly fees! It's way to expensive for someone to do just part-time for extra cash. In NJ anyway.