Littering is getting worse & worse!

dustbin - this is how a dustbin should look not the park
@Kylalynn (1773)
South Africa
December 9, 2006 5:48pm CST
If you drive down a street anywhere lately there is litter all over. Why can't people use the dustbins provided at every shopping center. It is just too easy to throw it on the ground, and then they don't even feel guilty. How can this be stopped.
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• Hyderabad, India
10 Dec 06
creapa - creaps
If the person such bad thing he have to be punished so he can't do that one for next time
@Kylalynn (1773)
• South Africa
10 Dec 06
Yes, it would be good if we had litterbugs patrolling and fining them.
26 Jun 07
I don't know how it can be stopped BUT in england they supposedly have police who make you pay a fine for dropping litter, then you have to pick it up etc, but it is getting bad, we are not a human dustbin world thing, we have them around. It's just so sad that the stupid people want to pollute and kill off animals.