Are you interested in Astrology?

December 9, 2006 8:30pm CST
I am interested in Astrology. I have some knowledge in Indian Astrology. I found it more relevant in many situations. In India Astrology plays a vital role in making decisions regarding marriages, career,etc. In particular many people in India fix marriages mainly based on horoscope matching. This is the main reason behind least percentage of divorces after marriage. A good kundali (horoscope) matching would prevent divorces and ensure happy married life. This is my experience with astrology.
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@balabrahmam (1074)
• India
10 Dec 06
Yes i will agree with you i am also beliving in astrology very much because astrology is the indian tredition it comes solong years ago what before d.c it is in our country thats why it is great
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• India
25 Dec 06
Do you have knowledge in it? Are you practicing it? Share your experiences, if any. There are many instances, where astrology has worked tremendous. I used to trade in stocks. I use astrology to some extent and it has provided me good results. It has performed consistently the same way. We used to take many decisions based on astrology. However, you should not believe astrologers blindly. Astrology might not help you predict the events exact. You can use it as a tool. Act accordingly and gain from it. It can be helpful in minimising losses and get rid of dangers. Mind power is superior, provided you have a proper guidance. So, if people could predict unfortunate time thru astrology, mindpower and divine power could be utilised to overcome it.
• Japan
26 Jan 07
hi, i am more interested in astrology.i beleive a lot in brother and my father has more knowledge on it.particularly,they will give more importance in matching for marriage.they have given more importance for my,i beleive in it.i think it is very important for many reduces the risks.
@maakalka (28)
14 Jul 13
Yes, I couldn't agree more with you. Astrology is a fab way of conducting horoscope love matches. Should you require more info. please contact me, Monika @ Goodluck!
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