Do Women Really Talk More Than Men?

December 10, 2006 4:46am CST
Yes, studies at Harvard show that girls learn to talk earlier than boys, and articulate better. From their earliest years, girls talk more than boys. Even as adults, men never seem to catch up. It is estimated that the average males speaks about 12,500 words per day while the average woman doubles that with more than 25,000. This could explain why many men don’t want to talk much after getting home at night. They have already expended their 12,500-word limit. Their wives may have expended 2,500 also, but they have saved as many for their husbands. (From Highly Effective Marriage by Nancy Van Pelt) That’s why it is obvious that girls love to gossip a lot. During my high school years, my girl classmates form into circle and then start to talk about different topics while my boy classmates form into a circle too but they just play cards, or play guitar and sing or maybe they are in the ground playing sports. You guys, do you believe that women really talk more than men?
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• Philippines
11 Dec 06
hahaha...i definitely agree...we girls are more expressive than guys i think. we have no problems with pouring out our emotions to everyone who's ready to listen. we can talk nonstop from boys to clothes, etc. talking is not only relaxing but also removes away yuor stress. a great exercise for the jaw too! hahaha..