What is your favorite kind of music and why?

December 10, 2006 6:04am CST
I personally listen to all kinds of music, it all depends on my particular mood but right now I've just found some great songs they are from justin timberlake lol of all people hey, but download his song "losing my way", and everything else from the album "Future Love Songs". So what is your favorite kind of music and why?
6 responses
@kurpix (607)
• Indonesia
18 Dec 06
I listen to all kinds of music. but my favorite one is a progressive rock. it sounds for myself :)
• India
10 Dec 06
@ezzrssi (11192)
• Italy
10 Dec 06
i like elettonic music i don't know why
@kaunter (154)
• Estonia
10 Dec 06
I love all kinds of music expect DnB and trance etc.Rock is my favourite i think.Not all kinds.Some bands are just better than others.
@brendalee (6083)
• United States
10 Dec 06
I like all different kinds of music too. For me it depends on the mood also. I like a little bit of rap mainly because thats all my son listened to and it kind of grew on me. I also like hard rock,especially Ozzy. Because that what my boyfriend likes. I also like soft rock,disco, and country. Music is important to me. Sometimes I can really relate to the words.
• Austria
10 Dec 06
i enjoy jazz music alot. first of all because i am a jazz singer and i sing every now and then. What i like most in jazz is that, is soft and mellow and the melody that is so soothing to my self. I can relax myself just listening to jazz music. when i have problems and some anxities from work, all i have to do is to turn on my cd, insert my favorite jazz music, lie down and relax. I think in many ways it encourages and enhances your postive thoughts.