Exams . Does it really shows what we are capable of ?

@zakiller (465)
December 10, 2006 12:47pm CST
I dont think a exam can show what im made of ...
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@seenoreen (560)
• Philippines
10 Dec 06
No, it takes more than an exam to show what we are really capable of. Sadly, a lot of things in this world would require an exam to show your knowledge. I'm not saying it's wrong but they should at least give a different type of test instead of letting a person answer a sheet of paper.
@4rares (433)
• Romania
10 Dec 06
neither do i...you can feel under the weather and do nothing...or you can have a stoke of luck and get the maximum grade
@nannacroc (4049)
10 Dec 06
No, all exams show is what you have remembered on the day. If your not feeling well or you're nervous it can affect the outcome. I don't believe they are a good way to show what you've learned and they really don't show how you can put the knowledge to a practical use.