BMW 324 TD

May 27, 2006 4:43am CST
Help! The STOP (LUV PARE) light keeps coming on but I don´t know why! Have checked all obvious causes and no other warning lights are on. It´s like it is saying there is something wrong with your car but we are not going to tell you what..................Does anyone have any ideas please????
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@nicedevil (684)
• Italy
31 Dec 06
good car..
@Reviver (339)
• Romania
9 Jan 07
i want it that care :)
@NewHeart (528)
• Canada
30 Dec 06
your not giving us any information so how can you expect us to help you. u.s.a. car or canadian helps. you got abs brake system. stead of messing around with might be could be try taking it to a brake specialist for estimate could be something easy like a sensor for the brake system telling you abs is not working properly...
@jal1948 (1360)
• India
30 Dec 06
Maybe the switch needs to be replaced,please get it checked with the repairman
• Philippines
17 Dec 06
i dont have any ideas. sorry..
• Indonesia
27 Nov 06
I need it
@suren2k6cse (2624)
• India
25 Nov 06
nice car
@CHASHA (483)
• India
22 Nov 06
u can visit in the lycopa
• Denmark
26 Oct 06
nice car