What do you think about CLONING ??!!

December 10, 2006 2:29pm CST
I just saw a movie called "The island" and it kind of freaked me out.. They had a "agency " where they were cloning people for the ones that had a lot of money and needed a liver, kdneys, heart,... whatever...And they were basically growing humans - they came out of that "thing" beieng about 25 years old - and it was supposed to have no memories,feelings and so on.. But there have been some anomalies - and they could feel .. they were just like human beings.. only that they were told some stories.. How the world ended , it has been contaminated and they survived so , when it was the time to collect the organs from them - they were told they won the lottery and they are going on the "Island" - the only place not contaminated !! But they were killed..... I was thinking ..God!! This can really happen in a few years! People want imortality .. and they would pay any amount to get it !! And probably it will happen.. human cloning.. I don't know , I would rather die when it is my time than cheat nature.. What do you think guys??
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@moneytree (188)
• India
11 Dec 06
You are absolutely right its better to die rather than do something against nature and face yje consequences. It will be horrible!