What Can myLot Do To Improve The Organization Of This Site?

December 10, 2006 3:54pm CST
I believe that myLot can be an even better place for the users by comming up with a better organizational structure, for instance myLot has a great search based upon tag's this is fine it work's great for many reason's. myLot also has a great organizational structure based upon your intrest's this is fine. The one thing that I think they can improve upon is the organization of the general discussions for instance with so many users it seem's like a lot of them place there discussion's in the general category, this makes it extreamly hard for people to find your discussions. Maybe they can come up with a way to better organize this when you are searching for something to talk about, they could have different categories based upon the general discussions or some sort of other format. What do you think myLot can do to increase the organizational structure of this site?
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