How Can I...

December 10, 2006 3:59pm CST
This can become a great discussion and it can be a very valuable question, you may be wondering how three words can be used to create a worthy question base. As you know myLot pay's upon quality not quantity, so let's get both quality and quantity here. This is how it works, first you ask a something like How Can I make a million dollars or How Can I ride a bike?, ask anything with How Can I in front of it and from there other users can respond with valuable information on how you might go about doing it, you can then check back soon and help other's find answers to their How Can I questions. So put down your How Can I question and check back every so often to see if someone has responded to your How Can I and make sure you help other's out by responding to their How Can I question. Have fun with this and enjoy. :)
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