How can we manage to live if we suddenly lose the fuel sources

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@sri123 (99)
December 10, 2006 7:53pm CST
All of the sudden the oil reserves in the world goes dry. Alternative fuel research is only at the initial stage. In such case what alternative is there to continue our daily life with out any hitch
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• Canada
17 Jan 07
There is no such thing! In all the research I did for one of my books, I did not come across ANY alternatives that could continue life as we know it. One alternative that could be rampped up quickly would be Hemp oil, but it is mired in so much red tape it would take a major disaster to get the politicians off their butts and mke Hemp legal for everyone to grow and then urge everyone to grow it. Hydrogen has some promise, but that is a long way off if ever. Methane and wood gas or coal gas will be the most likely candidates once Oil is gone. Nuclear power has it's own set of problems and they still have not found a way to make the waste products safe, nor have they come up with a fool-proof way of storing it for the time it would need to become harmless ( eons?). Solar power can help in the sunny states and the sunny areas of the world; wind generators can also be stepped up and the wind tapped. According to all known factors that will not be enough, soon enough. Another way of saying it is too little-too late. The bottom line is we are in for some fun times ahead, so powering down now could help us last longer.
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• Romania
11 Dec 06
hy. we can not live whitout fuel!!!not a single hour.think about it!!everybody is using the car,the machines that are working for recolt vegetables,the machines that work to make fresh water in our houses,every single on is working whit fuel.we can not live whitout!!!we couldent survive much time...
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@nancygibson (3736)
• France
11 Dec 06
We have already reached peak oil, so this scenario is perhaps not as far away as you might think. We all need to start learning to make do with less now, rather than being shocked in a couple of decades when the change is forced upon us.
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