Whats your childhood beliefs?

September 19, 2006 3:19pm CST
I used to beleive we comt to the world after they open the zipper in my mothers tummy :-)
3 responses
@Doaa17 (242)
• Jordan
19 Sep 06
Well, i used to believe that if i went to bed wearing my socks too often, one day I'll be blind :S
@fizza10 (1718)
• Pakistan
19 Sep 06
once i was watching this series of SMALL WONDER....once Jimmy the brother of Small wonder says to his dad....... hey dad i know where n how i come from....well actually a bee stung u n a bee stung mom n i was born.....hehehe eversince than i was afraid of bees n wouldn't let anyone else go near them than they'd get pregnant n me too hehhee
@asa010 (1129)
• India
19 Sep 06
that the boogyman sleeps under my bed every night.