Why Do We Have Nightmares?

December 11, 2006 3:40am CST
Can someone explain to me why do we have this nightmares, is this a habit or what?
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@kagandahan (1327)
• Philippines
16 Mar 07
i think we have nightmare when we are stressed out or when we watch horror flicks and we still imagine things.we should pray before sleeping so that we can have a good night sleep.
@mkei85 (8)
• Malaysia
15 Mar 07
As i know, nightmares is comes from our weak faith to god. When this happen, others creature from invisible dimension comes and conquer our life. This creature is called geniu and evil spirit. How to prevent our self from this is to making our life in the path of god. Find the peace in to obey god. Also go to vacation and make more friend that will shared our problems.
• Indonesia
11 Dec 06
Umh.. I read that if some one afraid or something, or getting depres of something, or too much presure in that day, at the night it will become night mare My mom always said that I should pray before I sleep. And try to relax amd let all problem in that day disappear for a while. At least try not to think about it. And I almost never get nightmare ^^
• Romania
11 Dec 06
We have nightmares when we go to sleep thinking about our warries. When something scares us and we fall aslep in fear
• Portugal
11 Dec 06
There´s some scientific explanations, but for me nightmares or bad dreams are reflexes from what´s wrong with our lives or what we don´t want to happen.
@finders (56)
• Indonesia
11 Dec 06
Maybe you need some exciting vacation . Such as view sea or mountain . But it is not habit ...