love.... can you handle it?

December 11, 2006 6:02am CST
some people love the thought of being inlove.. some love the feeling of being inlove.. and a few who think that they are inlove and preferabbly saying that they've been there, that they have been inlove. but... what if they just think that they're inlove or they think they have felt it? what is being inlove? what does someone feel when the think that they're inlove or when they say they've been inlove? how about you? have you been inlove? and if you have can you tell me what you think you have felt during those times when you say that you're inlove or in this case... when you think you're inlove..
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@Undefeated (4790)
• Singapore
11 Dec 06
Yup ! i can handle it very nice ... =D
@chiquitita (1227)
• Indonesia
11 Dec 06
Being in love is the greatest feeling in this world. To love and be loved in return is a blessing. You'll feel as if he/she is then answer to your prayers from up above. You want to be with him/her all the time and seeing her/him smile is all you want.
@Asimk12 (738)
• Pakistan
11 Dec 06
Love - Love
May Be..
• India
11 Dec 06
being in luv is just a new life!!!as if u r on top of d wold !!!u spend time takin 2 him/her observing their little deeds n gestures u start as a kid n grow mature as d relationship grows .moreover u want 2 know him/her.his/her likes dislikes.....n u can do any crazy n stupid thing 4 their 1 smile n make them happy!!!u just wanna see them smiling