euthanasia,isn't that something that needs to be legalised??

December 11, 2006 7:49am CST
i recently went to a hospital to see an aquaintance of mine,she had a minor surgery and ws bedridden.from a nearby room i could hear someone moaning,r had that been weeping??i cdn't figure out the intensity of this grew at intervals,it was very evident that this person was hurt and hurt badly,he ws in great pain,i cd'nt help but enquire about it and learned that it was a cancer patient,and the nurse said,painkillers were not helping much and those were the patients final stages.and he was constantly pleading to the doctors to kill him,i have not seen a person die,but cd hear a person die,nd that was the hardest moments i've ever witnessed in my life. don't u think he shd have been given wot he had asked for??a painless death,don't u think that's a basic right of a human being?
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@platypus (334)
• Italy
11 Dec 06
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of course it is. everyone should have the right to die the way it prefers and what's more, everyone should have the right to die without pains. if this happens to dogs, why shouldn't we do it to human beings too?
• India
11 Dec 06
gr8 philosophy...