Share ur poor jokes with us...??

@blessonje (1652)
September 19, 2006 9:41pm CST
This is goin to be very interesting,i like to hear mors pjz ..Everybody plz contribute.i will start one.. Once One day Sardar happened to see a marathon race. "What the guys are doing" asked the sardar. " We are running a marathon. The winner will get prize" replied one runner. "Only the winner will get prize! Then why others are participating!!" Exclaimed the Sardar
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@ssh123 (31096)
• India
30 Sep 06
A guy goes to a restaurant and orders for a sweet dish When served, the guy eats 75% of it and calls the waiter to change the dish, since he found an insect in it. The waiter says, the sweet dish is exausted and instead offer a Dosa. Guy eats dosa and trying to walk out of the hotel. The owner(cashier) asks guy to pay the bill The guy sais what bill? The dosa bill you have to pay The guy says the dosa is replacement for Sweetdish Then pay the sweetdish bill The guy says sweedish had an insect in it. The owner started scratching his head.
@bluedropus (1073)
• Vietnam
30 Sep 06
It is nice story from U. Thanks