French fries recipies

French Fries - a plate with french fries
December 11, 2006 9:11am CST
How many kinds of preparing French fries do you know? What are you using: cooker, microwave oven, fryer(friteuse) etc. What kind of oil do you use (sunflower oil, palm oil, olive oil etc.)? Do you have some "secret" ingredients for the best taste?
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@fintzu (56)
• United States
11 Dec 06
the trick is to fry them twice. Once with lower heat (325), for about 8 minutes or so, then take them out and shock them in a bath of ice water mixed with some rice flour. Dry them off, and then put them back into the oil which you have heated to 375 for about 3 minutes. They will be amazingly crisp, and the rice flour keeps them from being too soggy. I use peanut oil, but the best is to use peanut oil with some bacon fat melted in. Yum! As for choice of potato - russets seem to work the best.
• Romania
11 Dec 06
Sounds tasty! I'll try your recipe and after that I'll tell you my opinion. Thank you!
@suedarr (2382)
• Canada
11 Dec 06
I prefer to bake french fries in the oven and not deep fry them . I prefer this method more for health reasons than taste.