how do you compare to a another woman child by your hubby ex

United States
December 11, 2006 3:01pm CST
well mine is very good and he gets good grades and he akways come to me to ask for something and i will give it to him and i love him like his is my own becaus e me and my hubby has two besides him and sometimes we get into disagreement and then we jus go diferent ways for awhile what would you tjink or would you treat him likehe was your own but at first he really didn't like me because he thought i would take his dad away from him but in return we got to really know each other and then he found out that he realy did like me and i woulkd get him things when his dad would n't and im alot easier to talk with than his dad but his dad lets him get away with aqlot of things too but i still love him as mu own
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