man - man
@nishanity (1650)
December 11, 2006 4:10pm CST
i know its said tht man is a social animal and stuff, but i also relaised tht the more appropriate saying ought to be: "Under the sky and above the ground, there has been only one creature that man has had to fear from the very beginning of time;and that creature is man itself"!!!!!!!!!!freaky eh? it scared me wen i 1st heard this... but i relaised its so true!! which other animal can kill its own species? and tht too not just for survival... hav u ever stopped and thought of the various reasons man had found to kill another?love,hatred,self-defense,anger,misplaced love, misunderstanding,being cheated upon,in the battlefield,just for the heck of it... reasons are just endless!! which other animal can hurt its own species so much? and the best part is we all come wid a conscience that tells us wats wrong and wats right!! which other animal can discriminate amongst each other? wat all races man has created and wat all names for them? i know of my indian pals out there in foreign countries and they tell me, thr aint a single day tht goes by widout someone out thr telling them "bloody indians"... the fact tht it hurts dont occur to anyone.. not any more.. man also is a hypocrite... thr are plenty of rules and laws created by man, only to be broken by man itself The destruction to the natural world he has done,to the marine life,to the environment... actually i wanna know... is there any place that man hasnt destroyed so far? whr is the human race going wid this? doesnt it scare u ever? it scares the hell out of me all the time!!
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