Stainless Steel Jewelleries/Jewelries. NEXT BEST THING IN FASHION?!?!?!

September 20, 2006 2:21am CST
The world of fashion has so much creative talent that it can get away with any damn thing. One fine day you will see people wearing a shoe on their head and calling it a 'new designer hat'!!! About 3 years back, when i came across this article on Stainless Steel Jewellery on the net, i just said to myself, 'yea right!!! One more thing to hit so called fashionable jerks' i mean who would want to wear Stainless Steel jewelleries? Seriously. When i went through this article, which said how rage SS Jewellery has become across west, i couldn't stop myself but getting more details on the same. So i tried searching around on the net to update my knowledge on what I have been missing on Fashion Jewellery circuit. Fashion indeed has come a long way. And SS Jewellery is indeed a hit concept in US/Canada, UK/Europe and practically on whole of freaking globe. Today i have my own business of Import Export and guess what i import and export, Stainless Steel Jewelleries. And i still surprise myself every time people order 1000 pcs/Design from me. Had not been this one article introduced me to something called 'NEW Sensational concept' i wouldn't be making my bread and butter today. I am part of the company in India, which exports SS Jewellery to US, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East and even Hong Kong. Of course there was lot of hard work needed to put in to build this company over the span of 2 and half years. Slowly and steadily the hard work has started to pay off. Its quiet surprising to see how more and more people are getting into SS jewellery business to make living for them selves. Before you pass this jewellery off as fake and dull looking cheap jewelleries please see the attached pictures of some of our products. Its really amusing what can be done to the piece of steel and how magnificently it can be crafted into Rings, Bracelets, Chains, Pendants, Key chains, Earrings, just some of the names which makes a small part of SS Jewellery fraternity. SS jewellery has added new concept, which is already a huge hit in the west. Diamond studded SS Jewellery. That’s right, could you imagine yourself proposing to your girlfriend, sliding up a Diamond studded ring in Steel??? Not bout 5 years back. But today a branded SS diamond studded ring can cost you an arm and a leg. Being a Manufacturer, Supplier and only company in India to deal in SS Jewelleries, one thing we have known is this concept is here to stay at least for next 10 years. If you are a business minded person like me just cash on it. If you are a admirer of unusual piece of a creative mind or just a fashion-accessory freak get your hands on one of these SS jewelleries today!!! Anyone who has been missing out of keeping an updated knowledge on Stainless Steel Jewellery, please visit my website (not a great design) and check out jewelry section. I bet you will be as amazed as i was bout 3 years back.... Welcome to the world of innovations.....
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• China
20 Sep 06
fashion sometimes likes philosophy. nobody can unstand it very well.