Life isn't so bad after all...

@Chapman15 (1501)
United States
December 12, 2006 12:01am CST
Well, week 13 has only done one thing to my Championship game predictions from last week, and that is make them look better! We’ll start off with the Cowboys losing to the Saints, which was a very uplifting moment for me not only because Romo choked, but the Saints destroyed them! That game had a little bit of everything I was looking for, Gramatica missed a field goal early… Yessss, a kicker is trying to screw Parcels again! Romo was finally moping around on the sideline, and he’s definitely not getting anything from Jessica after that performance… She only likes winners! And I have to say it again, Reggie Bush with two healthy ankles looks like the Reggie he was in college… By the way does anyone else know anybody named Deuce? I’ve been curious about this for quite some time! I want to meet someone named, Deuce. I think the Saints gave the Cowboy’s and their fans a nice slice of humble pie, well maybe not Parcells, he's never satisfied. If Peyton doesn’t win coach of the year, it’s a crime! My other pick for the NFC, Da Bears, destroyed a so-so Rams team… I think they got what they wanted out of Rex, and probably built his confidence a bit with this win, which was all I’m asking for out of the rest of the season from them! The stars are aligning in the NFC for my previously predicted Saints and Bears Championship. I need to elaborate why I chose the Bears to make it to the Super Bowl right now… They will be playing in Soldier Field! They can’t lose two Championship games in a row in Chicago! On to the AFC, I think there’s this guy named Tomlinson, and he’s pretty good… I also think their whole team is pretty good, and that my friend, is why I gave them the Super Bowl pick… They made a good Bronco defense look lost at times, with Gates scoring at will against Champ Bailey! Cmon now, did you really think they’d stumble at home versus a true rookie QB? At least Romo had some time to watch one of the greats Drew Bledsoe! Wow, I couldn’t say that with a straight face… As for Baltimore, they mopped up the Cheifs in Arrowhead… Wow, they could be even better than I thought! I’ve always been a believer that running QB’s (Steve McNair) failed when they got older, because they can’t do what they used to and have taken so many hits like say, Culpepper or even McNabb … I didn’t see this game so I can’t go on further, but SD and Baltimore are the most complete teams in the NFL! The only fear for the Chargers in the AFC Championship game is falling behind. Billick had a 45-1 record when he has a 13 point lead! Also, I have to give it up to Vince Young! He isn’t going to be this good every 4th quarter, but it makes every game they play worth watching!
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