Habitual Sleeping, is it a sign of being WEAK?

Saudi Arabia
September 20, 2006 5:26am CST
Can we avoid the habit of always sleeping? When you're home and find your bed on the side, you are always tempted to lie down and eventually sleep. Can we say that people having this habit are weak?
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• United States
21 Sep 06
Sleeping often could be a sign of something more serious: depression, sickness, boredom....
@amberleef (481)
20 Sep 06
i can feel quite sleepy in the day,especially looking at the monitor for more than an hour,but i try and fight it because if i do have a nap i won't sleep on the night,i have terrible time trying to get to sleep at night as it is,went to bed just before 4 o'clock this morning and got up at just gone 8 o'clock!drives me mad!
@kesav010 (1685)
• India
20 Sep 06
we sleep when we r tired,when we have nothin to do, nd when we r lazy..its a way of relaxing da body..thats not any sign of weakness..if u cant get outof bed...den dats something dangerous..
• India
20 Sep 06
nay it is just bcoz thetre is nothing interesting for him to do