What should the punishment for rape?

@SGOEL27 (927)
December 12, 2006 3:58am CST
Now a days we are listening many cases of rape thats why we should give such a punishment to the repist that it never happen again.which type of punishment you want to give them like-marriage with that girl, death sentence, life imprisonment, penalty or any other.......
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• India
12 Dec 06
If we give marriage with that particular girl, then it raises the rate of rapes. If any one want to marry a particular girl they he try to rape her thinkging that he get married with her. Eversince I think that 7 years of imprisonment is very less and meagre punishment to the rapists. The law must need a discussion with all groups having all persons from all fields like from police, judiciary, educational and also political. If a girl get raped in many cases it took a long time to get rid of that incident and come to reality. Then i suggest to give more imprisonment i.e., more than 10 years to the culprits along with much more money paid as compensation to the girls faced such situations. They need to avoid some hard situations and it helps to stand on their own without any support from others. And also one more point they need moral support from everyone to stand on their on.