Buying Flat

@shilpa28k (1737)
December 12, 2006 4:23am CST
How We can stop Builders -Property Boom ? 1) IT People should stop buying flats for atleast next 1-2 Yrs . 2) Onces rates are reasonable , With some legal process get the Booking . 3) Check Facilities, Convince, Road Approach, schools & Mainly co-operation water 4) Ask Questions If I buy 1/2 BHK at 12 to 30 Lacks , Do I get reasale value in future? 5) Today you are capable for paying 1000 -3000 maintains per month ? Will will be the same case after 20-30yrs after retirement . 6) In All, Don't stretch more to get the more & more loans other wise it will create unnecessary pressure and tension . 7) Read the above mentioned calculation carefully, when you are about to buy a flat pls keep this in mind.
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