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sun set.. - sun set..
December 12, 2006 4:48am CST
sun set...
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12 Dec 06
sun set...  - adithya hridayam, which is a hymn in praise of sun god, which was given for chanting by agasthya muni to ram, for energy and courage, gives out the various qualities of Sun. It says that sun is the destroyer of darkness (thamognaya) and of coldness (himagnaya) and of the enemy (chathruknaya). he is the creator, establisher, and the fountainhead of all energy in the universe. he represents all the gods. Have faith in him as the giver of health and you will get it, in abundant measure.
sun rise and sun set at different times in a year. They are important because the universal activities are dependent on them. sun rises to his daily activities, based on the solar movement. Our time is in relation to the position of the sun.psychologically, sun is the giver of energy and enthusiasm. The importance of Sun felt more in the western hemisphere where the climactic conditions are generally very cold.