Word Of Wisdom

@monx007 (162)
December 12, 2006 6:43am CST
For those who have a word of wisdom, please share here ======================================================= I'll start: Philosophy of 5 Fingers: * There's a fat thumb that always say nice and flatter * There's a point finger that always point and like to order * There's a tall middle finger that always arrogant and like to incited the point finger * There's a ring finger that always become an example, kind and patient. Because of that, this finger had alyaws been given a ring * And there's a weak little finger that always obey and also who forgives. (Did you remember that when we're at childhood, we always make peace with our enemy by crossing our little finger ?) With positive and negative difference that every fingers have, they united to reach the goals (like writing, holding, helping other parts of body, etc) Have you ever imagine how it will be if our hands just only have the thumbs ? This philosophy is simple but have a deepest meaning. The God have created us with many differents so that we can unite to love, helping and sharing with each others, NOT to accuse, hate, hurt and even kill each others. Did your love has spread today ? Source: http://www.monx007.com/tampil.htm?nmfile=/5jari.txt&iklan_code=1
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@nuel_h (1593)
• Indonesia
12 Dec 06
word of wisdom : treat others like u want to be treated by other people.