War can win people hearts?

@musman9 (136)
South Korea
December 12, 2006 7:16am CST
Which can win people?. So many wars are going around, killing innocent people, not the bad ones? If your war is for people, can you win heart through war? How can people support you, if you are killing innocents for no cause?.
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@Willowlady (10666)
• United States
12 Dec 06
healing the broken  heart - hearts and minds are tender things, war  is an ugly thing, someday we will all stand strong and be in tune with our world and each other, I pray
Coming in peace is my goal. I believe that when troops are sent to help a country run by a tyrant, some people do get hurt. It is distasteful and we wish so preventable. Troops get killed too, that is also a thing to wish away. If countries could manage themselves in upright manners and the people flourish and not be oppressed and killed by the worst leaders, then other countries would not be turning their eyes on you ( I don't mean you as the discussion leader). We hurt for those lost to this world that deserved their place on this planet. We yearn for the time when there would be no more wars because the people do the best things and not the worst things. Thanks for asking this questions. I will check back and see what others have to say!