@kaunter (154)
December 12, 2006 7:35am CST
Can you really get paid here?Ive used it 2 days and some doubts come up.Could someone please assure me that you really get paid here.Post a screen shot or sumthing which shows that you have recieved money from here(on iKobo or pay-pal take screenshot) Thank you
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@xtinelee (3374)
• Singapore
12 Dec 06
The last payout was November 15th. There was a lot of screenshots back then. You might want to do a search on it, though it might be quite difficult. The next payout is on December 15th. I saw the payouts from paypal in November 15th of the other members. It's not fake. :) Hope it helps.
@kaunter (154)
• Estonia
12 Dec 06
thank you for awsering
@shuz697 (1045)
• United States
12 Dec 06
DUDE you dont need a screen shot ... YOU WILL BE PAID !!! you have to have a pay pal or iKobo account and remember you wont receive any money until you have made at least $10 so if you haven't made $10 by I think its the 13th or 15th of December you will have to wait to the following month or until you have $10 cause they only pay once a month on the same date. You have no need to worry there is a lot of long time users who will tell you aswell to stop stressing and start typing !!! Welcome to mylot, hope you enjoy your time here.. :)
@dholey (1383)
• India
12 Dec 06
i am just comming from a discussion where i read that A LADY GOT 43$ so i know it works and people get payments here ... dont worry about it , you will earn a lot ... for me ... if mylot is not going to pay it would not be a problem for me ... i love discussions here ... it ROCKX