Whom wil u love.. someone who loves u madly ya someone u love madly... ..

September 20, 2006 8:34am CST
cool question.. jus respond.. and i m very confused f this one..
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• Philippines
20 Mar 07
Ahhmm very interesting question, actually i experienced to be loved by someone so madly and i really cant stress that enough... You know like, i wanna get rid of her but i cant coz i feel so bad whenever i tried to. But now, she realize that im not deserving for her love. And were not together now.. Its really hard to love somebody that your not loving back.. and its also hard to be loved by somebody that you really dont love.. SO i wont choose neither.
@dellion (6704)
• Malaysia
22 Sep 06
The one I love madly for sure.
@blessonje (1652)
• India
21 Sep 06
A lil bit both...She shud love me madly and osfcourse i should b in love with her.
@krishna183 (2286)
• India
21 Sep 06
ok .. out of simple observation im saying this .. guys love the person they love madly .. whereas for girls , their love for someone depends largely on how much that person loves them .. im saying this out of observation over the years ..
@kesav010 (1685)
• India
21 Sep 06
well, da answer is dere in da question..u madly 'love' some one... the thing is no matter how ever deep some1 loves u ..if u don have feelings back its better u tell her dat nd over wid it....
@ssh123 (31086)
• India
21 Sep 06
It is wonderful if you love someone and you are loved by that person, heaven is a few inches away.
@spikyarj (519)
• India
20 Sep 06
i think it will be better to love someone whom we actually love..it may be treachery to actually go with the person who loves us without actually loving them back...so...