The right way

@kaunter (154)
December 12, 2006 10:34am CST
What is the right way to live your life?Do i have to exercise every day?Do i have to go jogging every day?What kind of food do i have to eat?Part of everything(vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, milk) every day or whatever i want?With that I could be healthy.But without friends(and without girlfriend) I would be very lonely.If Im lonely i get depressed and If im depressed then i can get sick very quick.Lets say I have friends and a girlfriend.What if something happens with them?What if something happens with us?(Something can and will happen.Believe me.)I get depressed both ways.Doesn't matter if i have friends or not.Or maybe i have to believe in god?Or find inner peace in myself?I saw a documentary about Saholin monks.They had inner peace.They can be without friends.But I dont think theyre happy without friends. Please help me. Thank You Your Kaunter!
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