18 months old baby, curious to know what your's is already able to do

@lyloo14 (128)
December 12, 2006 10:54am CST
First I want to precise that I don't write this subject in order to compare kids as I know it's the worst thing to do, children are all different! But I'm curious to know, if you have a baby about that age, or if you remember when yours was that age. What are they doing? when did they begin to walk? talk? or whatever comes to your mind... Mine will be 18 mo beginning january, he walks only since last month but began to talk his first words at 8 mo. He hates when you want to help him or show him, he wants to do it all by himself (this is the reason why he walked so late, he didn't want me to take his hands and walk with him, but when he decided to, he just stood up and began to walk, without falling). He adores books since long, but doesn't particularly enjoy you to tell him the story, when he wants to know what's on the pictures, he put his finger on it and ask "what?" He loves also to just sit in his chair and watch "baby einstein". He's a real marmot and sleeps like a log 12 hours per night + a 2 hours nap in the afternoon. No babyfood anymore, he refuses to eat, except his bottles milk and want to eat with us (so I have to accomodate the menus, lol). He opens everything, makes a real mess everywhere he goes, but makes a scandal when he has a little piece of anything next to his plate, and refuses to eat further until you clean it. Patience, wait, as well as slowly dare not written in his own personnal dictionnary, he wants to do everything at the same time and gets angry when he doesn't succeed. He cuddles not so much (I do cuddle him much though as well as his dad) but smiles or laughs almost everytime... What about yours?
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