United States
December 12, 2006 11:26am CST
So,my roommates 2 year old son has a big biting problem.It all started when he started going to daycare and he was the smallest kid in the class and got bit a couple times a day.Now the problem is she doesnt know what to do because he is a biter and she cant figure out how to make him stop.I have a 2 year old daughter and thankfuly she hasnt bitten even though Caden has bitten her.At first he only bit on occasion but now its his first means of defense if he is even a little upset he goes at you with his teeth and not just kids he got upset and bit his mom so bad its been a quarter sized bruise for days.She has tried light spanking if he wont sit still in time out but it doesnt seem to be getting through.It doesnt help that he has a dad that he sees somtimes and when he does he is not a good corrector he mostly just lets things go because he doesnt want to deal with his son throwing a fit if he gets punished. My friend is doing the best a single mom can do but she is at the end of her rope and just doesnt know what to do about this,she freaks out about taking him around other kids because she is afraid he will bite them and its really stressing her out.if anyone has delt with somthinglike this or has any ideas it would be so helpful.thanks so much
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