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December 12, 2006 12:20pm CST
HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE! In About 2 Weeks You Could Have $6,000 - $14,000 in Birthday Money To Spend How Ever You Like! Most people won’t admit it for fear of being considered shallow or materialistic but Birthdays are much more enjoyable when you receive gifts. Some may argue that on your Birthday “you should just be happy that you’re alive and breathing”, this is true…but you also have to consider that being alive has nothing to do with just simply existing! Miriam Webster’s Dictionary defines being ‘alive’ as; 1: having life: not dead or unresponsive - 2: still in continuation, activity, or operation, - 3: knowing or realizing, being sharp and aware. Life is good, but it’s even better when you can enjoy it to its fullest! When invitations are sent out for a Birthday Party you want people to respond right? And more than likely those who have received their invitation will not ‘respond’ empty-handed if you catch my drift? Each year it is the same concept, friends and family come together to celebrate the day you were born with food, fellowship, fun, and most notably GIFTS! If you are like me you made a note in the Birthday Invitation that read “Please present all gifts in cash to allow the honoree freedom to enjoy this time of celebration as he/she pleases”. If you did not do this in the past, please, in the future add that note to your invitations from now on! Ladies and Gentleman, being able to enjoy the life you were given is the ultimate expression of celebration, that is what Birthdays are all about; celebration through living life to its absolute fullest! Now let’s consider this letter your invitation to a Birthday party where a national network of people will be celebrating with you, and not just because it’s your Birthday because everybody will be celebrating their own Birthday, we will all just be celebrating at the same time! That’s right everybody’s going to be celebrating, everybody’s going to be enjoying their life, everybody’s going to be partying, and everybody will receive GIFTS! I want to share a program with you simply called “Happy Birthday”. NO IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK. You don’t have to send a dollar to six or more people to buy some worthless report, or to get on someone’s mailing list. Nor will you need to invest more money later to get things going. This program works for everyone no matter what country you are in because everyone has a Birthday! You won't need to run a website, or make phone calls, or make photocopies, or send out letters through the mail, or pay for advertising. You will only need 3 things: 1. - An email address. 2. - A Free Premier or Business PayPal account with at least $10 deposited in it. 3. - 30 minutes of spare time. If you are promoting other programs, by all means stay with your program, BUT PLEASE READ ON!! First of all, there are only TWO POSITIONS, not four, five, or six like many other programs. The response rate for this program is VERY HIGH which means you will receive your Birthday Gifts VERY FAST…FOURTEEN DAYS to be precise. That's only TWO WEEKS - not one or two months. You have the potential here to receive between $6,000 and $14,000 in spendable Birthday Cash in a matter of 2 WEEKS! HERE ARE THE DETAILS: Post this Birthday Party Invitation to at least 50 message boards, chat rooms, or newsgroups. You don't need to post 200 like other programs. Even if you are already in a “six dollars to six people” program, continue to work with that program because it will pay you, but do yourself a favor and DO THIS ONE AS WELL! It is simple and takes a very small investment! Most people pay $20 or more just to get in the door at some parties, and there are probably only 50 to 100 people there. This is an invitation to a Birthday Party being held in everyone’s honor for much less than what it would cost to attend the most swank Birthday shindig in the world. Another good thing about this party is that there are NO FREELOADERS…you know the ones that come just to eat and drink but they never bring a gift! Everyone at this party is the Birthday Boy/Girl, and everyone invited to this party is bringing a GIFT! And these gifts are just for you…and them…and everybody else. Which brings me to this point; To all of you cheaters and party-crashing freeloaders out there…I know you’ll probably try to cheat your way through this program somehow, and that’s sad. All that means is that YOU’RE BROKE, BUSTED, AND BITTER and lack the human decency to honor the guests of this party. If you honor the invitation, you honor the guests, and then the guests will honor you ($$$ CHING! CHING! $$$)…GET IT! OK, let’s move on. With the “Happy Birthday” program you will get paid before the other programs you are working with start trickling in! Just give one person a Birthday Gift of $10. THAT'S IT! Follow the simple instructions and in two weeks, you should have between $6,000 and $14,000 in cold hard Birthday Cash!!!. So let's keep the party going and help each other have a Happy Birthday! Listen, we all owe money to bill collectors, creditors, so on and so forth, but with this, if everyone puts forth the effort to make the most of this opportunity to help each other celebrate life the way we all deserve to, good fortune will follow. If you give your gift TODAY it is highly possible that everyone else will give a gift back to you as soon as TODAY! So Let’s Party!!! If your birthday is between JANUARY 1 and JUNE 30 send your $10 gift to the person in POSITION #1 - If your birthday is between JULY 1 and DECEMBER 31, send your Birthday gift to the person at POSITION #2. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO; STEP 1: If you're not already a PayPal member, the very first thing you need to do is go to and SIGN UP. It takes just two minutes and it’s FREE! Be sure to sign-up for the free PREMIER or free BUSINESS account (and not a PERSONAL account) otherwise you won't be able to receive credit card payments from your invited guests. STEP 2: (Make sure you have $10 deposited in your PayPal account before continuing) Send a $10 payment from your PayPal account to the email address in position #1 or #2 depending on when your Birthday is, along with a note saying: "HERE IS A $10 BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR YOU." Be certain to add this note, as this is what KEEPS THIS PROGRAM LEGAL. We do not want to be considered advocates of ...ughumm…“breakin’-tha’-law”…so let’s get this party started right! POSITION #1 - POSITION #2 - STEP 3: Remove the email address you are replacing (the one you sent $10 to), and replace it with your own email address. REMEMBER: Use the same email address that you used to sign-up for your PayPal account!! Type your email address over the old one and BAM! You’re ready to send out your invitations! HONESTY AND INTEGRITY MAKE THIS PLAN WORK!! CHEATERS AND PARTY-CRASHING FREE-LOADERS DEPRESS EVERYBODY. But….If you party by the rules YOUR NAME COULD CYCLE FOR A LONG TIME! THIS MAKES IT THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. Now go and post your Birthday Party Invitation! Do an internet search with Google or some other search engine to find various newsgroups, on-line forums, message boards, and chat sites. Log on to any search engine like,,,, etc. You will find thousands upon thousands of message boards, join as many of them as you like and begin posting this letter of invitation. It only takes a total of 2 to 3 minutes to sign-up and complete one posting on a message board, less than that after you get the hang of it. REMEMBER, THE MORE NEWSGROUPS YOU POST IN, THE MORE BIRTHDAY GIFTS YOU WILL RECIEVE!! Do this the right way, play fair, and everybody will be able to celebrate! Good luck and God Bless
3 responses
• United States
12 Dec 06
This is completely stupid! If things like this worked everyone would be doing them and no one would be working anymore cause everyone would be rich
• Australia
12 Dec 06
Well, u may consider it as dangerous or may be a stupidity, but a far as i know, i knowit works and i have seen people make money from it and even i have made money from it. Slowly but surely one u get into doing this thing you will realise how much exposure u can get by posting into varous forums and consider atleast 1 out of 20 viewing the forum serponds positively , it can make wonder after couple of days time.
• India
3 Feb 14
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• Canada
12 Dec 06
i think this is quite a dangerous scheme and probably wont work.