Can we earn money for losing points (not that it's all about money) !

December 12, 2006 1:04pm CST
It's frustrating to see your number of postings decreasing right before your very own eyes without doing nothing wrong (i'm just thanking to the people that respond to my discussions and add some comments where appropiate) or i reply to someome elses discussions. I would say that is somehow my fault but when so many members face the same problem i start to wonder... It would be nice if someone from myLot would take a stand and let us know what is going (eventually) wrong since we deserve to know.
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• Canada
12 Dec 06
i agree totally. we're being treated terribly by mylot.
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• Romania
12 Dec 06
I don't want to be misunderstood, i appreciate myLot for what it is, a real opportunity to make new friends, learn about everything and making some money while having some fun but when a problem appears... it's a 2 way relationship. We don't know if the problem will be solved, we don't even know that there's a problem... By the way, i lost another 2 points for replying to my own discussion (this one).