Calling Previous and/or Current Call Center Employees

@ashiflett (1045)
United States
December 12, 2006 8:00pm CST
For many years, I have served as a Lead Quality Assurance Representative for a variety of accounts in a call center environment. My job consisted of training new agents in the area of customer service, monitoring and scoring the calls of the agents on the floor, providing feedback to the agents and management teams, and more. I have found, through listening to literally thousands of calls, there are often some very funny situations that occur on the calls. It may be on the part of the agent, or the part of the customer. If you have been in one of these situations, I would like to hear your story. An agent from a man in Virginia received one of the funniest stories that I ever heard. He called in because he purchased a vacuum cleaner at a local store and was given a free disk for MSN Internet Access. He called in to inquire as to how he could get online. The agent started walking him through the steps to create an internet connection and he stopped her and informed her that he did not have a computer. At this point, the agent was a little confused, but tried to remain as tactful as possible. He stated that he bought the vacuum cleaner that he could get online with and needed help setting it up. I always thought that was so funny! Share your stories!
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@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
25 Dec 06
Omg! I believe I've heard that already, not sure when or where. Well, we have a forum here back home where we post funny call center interactions. I remember seeing a post wherein an agent got a call from a lady who knows nothing about computers. The agent, assuming the lady was a "techie", started to give out instructions right after his spiel (I guess he was already tired and getting ready to get off work). The agent said "Ok ma'am, here's what we need to do..go to start then run." All of a sudden, the agent hears the sound of the phone being dropped on the floor. He then hear thumping sounds as if somebody was running. He then waited for about 10 minutes and finally the lady came back on the phone. The lady, catching her breath says "Now what?" P.S. I know it sounds corny but it got me laughing. :p
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@ashiflett (1045)
• United States
26 Dec 06
That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!
@Shaun72 (15965)
• Palatka, Florida
13 Dec 06
I agree that is pretty funny. I wonder if the man was serious or if he just called to aggervate as a joke.
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