Where were you??

United States
December 12, 2006 9:22pm CST
I just responded to sureshmoe's discussion about the Challenges Space Shuttle and it got me to thinking.(ThankYou sureshmoe for giving me this idea) Where were you?? Can you remember if you were olde enough (or alive) 1.when JFK was shot? 2.How about when Elvis died? Or 3.when Princess Diana died?? 4.How about when Dale Earnhardt died? 5.Where were you when Sept.11 happened?? 1. I was born in 73 so I wasn't born when JFK was shot. 2. I don't remember when Elvis died, I was really young. 3. I was at home when I heard the news of Princess Diana's passing. 4. I was at home watching the Daytona 500 when Dale was killed on the last lap of the race..(that was a very sad day in Nascar) 5. I was at home watching the Today show when everything happened on Sept. 11...
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