answer this part 2

answer this part 2 - see part 3 for more questions similar to this. I hope you had fun answering part 1 and 2. goodluck. wishin you best at mylot
@123456_ (1052)
December 12, 2006 11:44pm CST
hi guys did you had fun answering part 1? Here’s part 2. I’ll give you the interpretations after you had finish posting your answers 1.You're facing the mirror, suddenly a person you dont know appears, what will you say?who are you? or what are you doing here? 2.** You're eating something, u were too hungry and a kid begged you for food, will you give it or money? 3.** the person on ur mind. 4.** What will you sketch, a face, nature or cartoons? 5.** Pick one color, lavander or black.
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