i want to move out from my house!!!any suggestion?

@redazun (131)
December 13, 2006 12:09am CST
well,i hate my family and i hate my life..im just a 17 years old punk kid that not very well organised and im anti-social kids..i skate and i break my leg pretty badly..i want to move out from this house cos there is nothing left for me...but i dont want to be consider as run away from my house since i still under my parent control...what should i do?
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@xtinelee (3374)
• Singapore
13 Dec 06
Well, show your parents you have the ability, both financial and the mental capability to earn your own money and support yourself, and your daily necessities. :P If you can show them you are responsible, they will probably let you go.
@redazun (131)
• Malaysia
13 Dec 06
yeah..i guess i got to find a job right now..thx!
@tanujarneja (2831)
• India
13 Dec 06
Dont get hyper and not even frustrated up and down are part of life so dont get rid of it try to cope uop everything will be fine be happy in wht you get and yeah dont expect any thing if you get will be surprize if you dont get it will be fine as u dint expect