Essay on food

December 13, 2006 12:21am CST
here is an essay i have done on food fat Australia is the 2nd fattest country in the world with more and more aussies becoming obese and its starting with young children. A survey of more then a thousand homes found that teenagers aged from 13-17 were the most frequent consumer of snack food. Teenagers have a very unorganized schedule so snack foods have become a quick and easy way to eat while they are on the run. Often teenagers are out of the house and do not bring their own food. This often results in the consumption of many overseas fast food stores. All of which are either high in saturated Fat such as “deep fried chicken” Or high in sugar such as the “bun” of a Hamburger. The average hamburger has 260 calories while fries have 540 calories combined these two with a chocolate milkshake which has 770 calories and that’s 1570 calories. That’s more then 72 grams of fat, 30 grams of saturated fat and more then 1,270 milligrams of sodium. That’s just an average meal if they chose a deep fried chicken sandwich they would be putting on an extra 260 grams just for the sandwich. This is why more then half of Aussie teenagers are overweight. 10 ways to cut fat in your life. 1.Use less butter, margarine and oil in cooking and when spreading on bread. Do not deep fry, try grilling, dry roasting or cooking on an open barbeque. 2. Trim all visible fat from meat. Remove fat and skin from poultry. Shop for cuts of lean meat with the least fat and marbling. Cut down on sausages and minced meats. 3. buy a non-stick frypan and simply brush with a little oil before cooking. Do not pour oil in. 4. Stir-frying is an excellent way to prepare meals quickly and healthily. Just one tablespoon of oil is needed. 5. Serve larger portions of starchy foods such as pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables and dried beans with smaller portions of meat. 6. Swapping regular chips for baked chips or even homemade chips will reduce your fat intake by 50% 7. Buy non fat yogurts as these have much less fat in them. 8. Buy food from the supermarket on a full stomach. If you buy food on an empty stomach you are more likely to buy snacks which may be high in fat. 9. Try and stay away from fruits high in fat such as avacados, nuts, seeds and oils. 10. Try foods that are healthy and do not use any oils, butter and cheese. Other Tips You can always try to eat foods that are high in fiber as these foods will fill you up quicker, Such as bread. When eating a meal eat the food slowly this means that you will have eaten less when the food hits the stomach and you become full. If you eat to fast you will eat a lot of food and by the time the food gets t your stomach you will have eaten too much. Problems caused by high fat intake Heart Disease Liver Cancer Stroke Type II Diabetes Arthritis in knee’s Arthritis in Hip’s High Blood Pressure Gallbladder Disease Elevated Fats In Blood Hypertension BMI (Body Mass Index) To calculate your Body Mass Index you have to divide your weight in kg by your height² (in meters) E.g 70 / 1.8² = 21.6 Table
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