would you die for your country?

December 13, 2006 2:49am CST
i will do if it be!what is yours?
3 responses
@shi_2000_21 (2681)
• India
13 Dec 06
Certainly in positive even if the people heading the government are corrupt i will certainly lay my life for safegaurding my country.
@sivaguru (502)
• India
13 Dec 06
i die for my country
@nvtellan (1907)
• Philippines
13 Dec 06
I would die for my country? Hell no! Why should I? In fact, my country is already killing us! I know it's pesimistic of me to think of this but there are plenty of inequality, injustices, graft and corruption, red tapes, swindlers and unfair trades. Even our president admitted that she made a mistake during the election and yet she is still there, acting as the president. She remains unpunished. They said no one is above the law but what is the use of the law if the chief executive of the land isn't even abiding by it? Thousands upon thousands of my countrymen have already left our country and thousands upon thousands are still planning to leave (myself included). It's as if we feel we do not deserve this kind of treatment. We, who earn our living the honest ways, paying our taxes correctly, abiding by the rules (trying) yet being mistreated and unfairly governed. Where does our taxes go? Some do goes back to the citizen but some (or most) goes into the pockets of the corrupt politicians. It's so hard to trust the politicians now here. Even our own law enforcement officers are tainted with this disease of this corruption. Yes, there are still plenty of good politicians and government officials and I don't want to generalize things but if bad apples are in your basket of good apples, the picture would not be so complete and the future may look bleak. Now they are planning to change the form of goverment. My say to this is, no form of government will be perfect or better than the other as long as the people who governs or heads it are still corrupt. Pardon me if I have let out my rant here.. but I just need to let out. Peace.