Do you like coins?

@carlomeno (1085)
December 13, 2006 8:39am CST
I collect coins since about 15 years. I have about 1600 different coins of all the world. Tell me what do you think about numismatics and collections in general.
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@Asylum (47893)
• Manchester, England
13 Dec 06
I was involved in numismatics many years ago, and I found it to be a fascinating and educational hobby. I always put more value on the historical signifance of a coin than on the market price, which often reflects no more than the scarcity of a particular date. I consider a roman or celtic coin with a market value of a few pounds to be much more desirable than a modern coin with a high market value.
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• Philippines
21 Dec 06
hey i have 5pcs 100 philippine peso bill misprint. its very valuable since this is a very embarassing blunder of Central Bank of the Philippines. the name of the president should have spelled "GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO" but instead it spelled "GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROVO". hence, it is called the ARROVO bill. its a very nice piece of philippine history. if you want it, you we can trade with a laptop.
@carlomeno (1085)
• Italy
21 Dec 06
With a laptop? What does it mean?
@Piratesware (2888)
• Indonesia
21 Dec 06
good...if me colleting,shoes,cloth..
@tanujarneja (2829)
• India
13 Dec 06
well i too like collecting different currencies i hv few but m not very much into it
@Oontan (49)
• Malaysia
26 Dec 06
I like to collect international notes and coins... being new or old (ancient). I just love to see the notes printing.. I have a album, duly sorted by value and country. I will browse thro when the album whenever I feel upset / down, it will brighten up my days. On the other hand, I am trying to inculcate saving habits to my 3 years old daughter. I will give her the 50 cents coins to save into her piggy bank. I think this is a good way to encourage children's saving habit.
@ciocgun (61)
• Italy
20 Jan 07
i collet phone card from many years but i've a lot of coins and papers.. but now i'm looking for a catalog to value them..
@cdirock (289)
• United States
13 Dec 06
That sounds like a nice hobby. For my son I am collecting quarters for all the US States. They are all in a book.