i like to read Paulo Cohelho's "the alchemist" very much.

December 13, 2006 12:08pm CST
i like to read Paulo Cohelho's "the alchemist" very much. i m vijay adlakha and i have read the alchemist many times and i think this topic is here for all the alchemist lovers guys if u think so and u think i am saying a thing that,s absolutely right.. or u think i m presenting a wrong discussion to all of us ..... ... .. whatever!!! ......,,please post ur comments .. and please dont forget to tell us your favourite lines in "the alchemist" and how can this book become more useful to us.. ... and how can this book make us feel that .. "if we have dreams here in our mind;there all the universe helps us to fulfill them" a..n..d.. "one should never stop dreaming" Beacause the only thing in this world ..that can be followed.. and can be gained is"our dreames".. the dreams that come not only when we in 'dream~world'..but dreams,that we can see always with opened eyes and .. follow them with all inspirations of our hearts.. so guye please ..please dont think more..and.. please ..post comments .. [note:-all kind of comments related to this discussionare welcome here] infact the fact is :- the alchemists ..are waiting for all the people who believe to dream and... make it reality..
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16 Dec 06
This book has changed my life. I read it every few years, and it makes me stop and think about what I am doing with my life, where I'm headed. I highly recommend this book to anyone you may know who is having trouble finding themselves...an awesome find.
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