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December 13, 2006 1:31pm CST
Chappati is an indian whole wheat flat bread. It looks very similar to the tortilla. Its called chapati or roti in hindi and poli in Marathi. Chappati is very nutritious as it is made out of whole wheat. You add a little water to the whole wheat flour and kneed the dough until soft, not sticky and not too tough. Add a little ghee or oil to this and kneed again. When you punch the dough the dough should spring back to position and be slightly elastic. Then cover it with a wet cloth and cover for some time around half an hour. The more the better. If storing for more than 2 hours store it in air tight container in refrigerator. The dough will stay in the fridge fresh for two days or in the freezer for 5 days. Then before making the chapatis bring it out and let it sit till its room temperature. Make small balls of the dough nad roll the douch with a rolling pin. Make a round thin. The dough should be rolled evenly. Then place the round flat roti on teh hot griddle and roast it on both sides till it gets small boils on it. Dont let it burn or roast too much. The apply a little oil or ghee and eat it with your favourite vegetable curry or dal or butter or just like that. Its delicious.
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• India
14 Dec 06
even i like chapati and nice to see an indian.