Overcame criticism

December 13, 2006 6:18pm CST
'You did not have the right to be praised if not could accept criticism'. "(Halle Berry, 2005)" So the horrifying sentence that say it by Halle Berry, artis Oscar's winner through the film of James Bond Die Another Day di in 2004 when getting the Razzie Award cup yesterday. Razzie Award was the appreciation was given kepada they who considered by his acting to be bad. The player's worst mark this was obtained by Halle after played his role in film the 'Woman Paint'. He was the first person immediately came to place giving of this appreciation. hadn't the Actor and Artis other beforehand that could come and only say his message through the video. His address was really interesting: "I received appreciation this sincerely." I regarded this as criticism for me to appear better in my films were following. I was still remembering my message of the mother that. . . 'You not right was praised if you could not accept criticism'. " " Hands applause while standing as astonishment from the audiences really crowded that night. Yes, very few people that could accept criticism like Halle. Ok, now, what the meaning of criticism for us /you? That bad disaster? Like the disaster that was'nt expected, or. . . Symbol destruction himself? Is there that can regarded critic was proper for him accepted praise? Criticism had many forms. . . Criticism could take the form of advice,the hint, the joke, through to the hot abusive remark. Just natural if anyone don't like will be critical. Although, would more glad if we acted dan appeared perfect, satisfied all people and get praise. But who that could guarantee that we could be safe from criticism? We only humankind with all his limitations. Dan in fact, in this world more than the person that liked criticised, than was criticised. :-) If we liked football, definitely oftem seeing the commentators in say the hotness statement. In fact not necessarily the skill they in criticised people other comparable with his capacity if was told playing the ball personally in the field. That not to mention the experts and wacther politics, economics, eventhougt social. They in a crowd say to the public, as like as their statement that truest. However not that his problem! His question now is. . . If we get criticism, that the illness more , what u did? His answer was. . . Enjoy each kind of criticism be proper for our hobby! Maybe? Why not! We mhas the authority was full for taking control our feeling . Along with tips for you at faced criticism: --------------------------------------------------- 1. The difference of our Paradigm against Critic --------------------------------------------------- Not few people that fell just for criticism, eventhought not all the criticism was true and need was responded to. In fact, criticism showed the existence that still care
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