Being Moody

December 13, 2006 10:21pm CST
Do you ever wonder why we sometimes feel bad all day because of a simple instance that made us feel moody? I admit being moody at times but i find to stop it because I know Il feel bad the rest of the day and it can greatly affect the production of my work the whole day.
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@patgalca (16662)
• Orangeville, Ontario
14 Dec 06
It's funny I should come across your post now. About half an hour ago I felt like my whole body dropped. My mood just sagged. I don't know whether I am worried, or sad, or depressed, or overwhelmed. I just dropped for no apparent reason. You didn't say whether you are on any medications or have an illness. I have a chronic illness and am on anti-depressants. It appears I have a chemical imbalance because I have tried to wean off the medication and I became depressed very quickly. The barometric pressure can also affect our mood. Even though we don't know what the weather is doing outside, our bodies can feel it and react to it. 'Tis frustrating. I wish I had some answers. Take care.
• Philippines
14 Dec 06
im on medications too, but not anti depressant, I have allergies sometimes but I dont know if it affects my moods, maybe it has side effects, I have read the content of my medicines it says it can affect the beat of my heart. tnx