The benefits of eating cranberries

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December 14, 2006 12:06am CST
Cranberries may reduce bladder infections. They also help to maintain a healthy heart and also may have anti-inflammatory benefits, as they have anti-fungal and antiviral properties. It is also thought that small amounts of cranberries may benefit kidney stone sufferers. The condensed tannins in cranberries have strong antioxidant properties. How much cranberries should you eat? To combat urinary tract infections, 300 ml of cranberry juice can be drunk daily. Maximizing the benefits of cranberries Condensed tannins which are found in cranberries are not destroyed in cooking. These tannins are powerful antioxidants.
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31 Jan 07
Cranberry is a cousin of the blueberry, and so is very tart, This bright red berry can still be found growing wild as a shrub, but when cultivated, is grown on low trailing vines in great sandy bogs. The American cranberry is the variety most cultivated in the northern United States and southern Canada,this produces a larger berry than the wild cranberry or the European variety. Native Americans used raw cranberries as a wound dressing. Early settlers from England learned to use the berry both raw and cooked for a number of ailments including appetite loss, digestive problems, blood disorders, and scurvy (vitamin C deficiency that causes weakness, gum disease, and spontaneous bleeding in the skin). In the early 1920s, American scientists discovered that people who eat large amounts of cranberries have more acid in their urine than those who do not eat high amounts of the berry. Because bacteria cannot survive in an acidic environment, the researchers speculated that a diet rich in cranberries may help prevent and treat urinary tract infections (UTIs), which are commonly caused by bacteria known as Escherichia coli. In time, the popularity of cranberry for UTIs soared and many women reported satisfactory results from drinking cranberry juiceā€¦ Several studies have measured high levels of antioxidants in people after drinking cranberry juice. Research is underway to determine if the antioxidant ability of cranberries will translate into protection from heart disease. More Recent studies suggest that this native American berry may also promote gastrointestinal and oral health, prevent the formation of kidney stones, lower LDL and raise HDL (good) cholesterol, aid in recovery from stroke, and even help prevent cancer. Fresh cranberries, which contain the highest levels of beneficial nutrients, are at their peak from October through December, just in time to add their festive hue, tart tangy flavour and numerous health protective effects to your holiday meals. When cranberries' short fresh season is past, we rely on cranberry juice and dried or frozen cranberries to help make every day throughout the year a holiday from disease. Cranberry Recipes
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31 Dec 06
I love to eat dried cranberries. otherwise i just drink cranberry juice that is 100% juice product.
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28 Dec 06
really a good help to ease urinary tract infection! gulp on more juice when your mens is coming ahead...
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14 Dec 06
Whoa .. too bad we dont get crannberries here...does the cartoned crannbery juice have all these properties..?? Cuz thats all we have here !!!