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Water Drop - Water Drop
December 14, 2006 1:03am CST
Enjoy:) Life Thursday 8pm KD leaves office .. it’s drizzling… walks for 5-10 mins wanting to get wet.. but the rain Gods don’t oblige 8:30 pm he has a bit of a headache..decides to walk the rest of the way home.. still drizzling akimbo. Looks up. cribs “ Dude.. this ain’t fair..this is not even a drizzle” The clouds growl.. and it rains..and thunders in a few minutes.. KD is fully drenched.. the Gods have answered.. People run for shelter.. people cuddle together under handbags-turned-umbrellas.. the road seems empty.. but for a crazy nut standing ..hands outstretched in the rain.. He kicks the water.. jumps at every puddle.. laughing like a hyena.. It takes 10 minutes to cover the strech,..5 if u running in the rain.. it takes 30 minutes if u dance in the rain:) Fully drenched.. KD reaches home.. grinning like a baboon.. his flatmate’s parents and grandparents.. and cousins were in town.. The kids laugh… seems they’ve never seen a chap dripping like a leaking water hose… Aunty.. already sure KD is nuts.. giving a looks that says “I was right:)” If more confirmation was needed.. she got it when after dropping his cell, watch and other paraphernalia in the ledge.. he goes up to the roof…get wet some more (as if that was possible;) ).. There are times I wish I were younger again.. there are times I feel HE makes me feel I’m still a child.. I look up towards the benevolent sky and say “Thank you God”
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