Good AutoSurf

@whiskas (335)
December 14, 2006 3:51am CST
FREE Account - free to join, FREE $2 upgrade to start with and FREE 500 site credits!!! - surf 10 sites daily to earn 10% daily from your upgrade - 3 sites to advertise and 3 referral levels - cashout at $3 - 5% referral comission from all referral purchases. -Cash and credit prozes for active surfers! UPGRADED Account - surf 10 sites daily to earn 10% daily for 15 days from your upgrades - upgrade costs $2 and lasts 15 days - fully automated and instant upgrades and advertising purchase - 10 sites to advertise and 1000 FREE credits each month - cashout at $2 - 5 referral levels - 10% referral comission from all referral purchases - get random referrals if they had no referrer Advertisers - 1 credit = 1 site view - each site shown for 25 sec! - users allowed to surf maximum 50 sites daily - that means upto 80% unique visitors view your advertised websites daily - targeted site views depending the geographic location of your advertising and the location of our users and depending the language of the site - unique advertising offers and the best prices of the moment - advertisers can become active members of the website and turn credits in self views and advertising, also earn the 10% daily. -surfbar jumps and the surfpage becomes the active page on each sitechange! this means ACTIVE VIEWS and ACTIVE SURFING!
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