who has been to guam?

December 14, 2006 7:06am CST
what's it like there? i'd love to go, if i were given a chance!
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• Guam
27 Jan 07
I'm originally from Guam, so I have first hand experience with everything, from society, culture, and the environment. When people hear of Guam, they think "is that even a real place?" "Does it have any roads?" "Do all the people there wear grass skirts?" These are the questions of people who haven't experienced the life in the Marianas. Guam is alot like Hawaii, but much closer to the Equator, so it's a little warmer than other places in the Pacific. If you've seen pictures of Guam, you can obviously see how beautiful the land and water is. It's is definitely a place away from home for you "Inlanders" (no offense meant there). Society here is the same as every toehr part of the U.S., albeit a little slower in the trends. We are one of the last areas to receive the latest trends and media, so us men got excited when we got Spike TV just a few months ago. Although Guam has a rich and very diverse community, we all manage to get along and survive. We are close knit here, maybe because the island's so small we have no other choice haha. The saying around here is "Someway or another, everyone on this island is related", which is pretty true. You might a have sister-who-married-the-guy-who-traded-their-gokart-for-your-dog-which-you-got-from-your-exwife's brother type of relationship here. We call almost everyone here "ch'elu", which is Chamorro for "brother" or "friend". I don't think I can go into much more detail with life on Guam. I think the best way to find out is to actually take a flight over here and take in the culture, food, and the views. Tourism is one of our main industries here, so you know you're going to be well taken care of.
• Philippines
29 Jan 07
ohhh! you make it sound so lovely! i can already picture how beatiful guam is. and i'm sure i'd love it there coz it sounds a lot like the philippines. maybe, just maybe, we might go there one of these days. thank you very much for all the info. more power to you!
@nickel1191 (2791)
• India
14 Dec 06
Never heard of it. What is it?
• Philippines
14 Dec 06
it's a place, i think a country and i also think it's part of the US. that's one of my dream places to go.
@islaneni (129)
• Armed Forces Pacific
7 Mar 07
hafa adia (hi) i am also from guam...natives of the island...my family can go as far as back to WWII & beyond...anyways, guam is a beautiful place to be...i am missing home right now...we moved due to relocation due to military...but guam is home...if you love warm weather, coconut trees swaying in the wind, sunsets, blue waters, warm sands, great food & warm hospitality...then guam is where you want to be...the people on guam are very friendly...my family has opened their home to many visitors & to the point that we became their extended family...even some who visit guam & decided to move...you can even get certified to be a scuba diver for under $100 & look at all the war artifacts under the ocean...if you are into history then you will love exploring the island on the historial sites & see war artifacts still standing...you can even go boonie stomping (hiking) & visit glorious waterfalls...or even go on a boat river ride...learn to dance hula & weave coconut hats...there is so many things to do...i do hope you will get a chance to go & see for yourself & enjoy the island...